"Terrible things happen to good people every day. Consequentially I am not one of the good people. I am one of the terrible things." -Marianna Paige


do you realize that it takes 3 sheep to make one sweater???? amazing i didn’t even know they could knit

i found out what a 420 is you are all going to hell




not sure why people don’t automatically say “shapeshifting” when asked what they want their superpower to be. you could become anyone you want. even fictional characters. anyone. cosplay would always be spot-on. dysphoria wouldn’t exist. perfection

rob a bank and disguise yourself as a stray pen lying on a shelf when the cops come

A pen with a shit ton of money lying next to it.


I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on


" money cant solve all your problems "

yes it can


if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands